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Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

Zero Waste - Leave no trace

I am committed to producing zero waste (or as close as possible) when producing my jewellery and 3d prints.

The acrylic resin I use is non-toxic, has no VOCs or solvents, is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and is safe for home use. Just because it's non-toxic - it is still a plastic, so doesn't mean that it's OK to end up in landfill.


On this page, I will explain how Earth Symbols is committed to being Zero Waste.

It all starts with the mixing

When I mix my epoxy resin, I use re-useable silicone equipment.

As resin does not stick to silicone when curing, this means that I can re-use the pots / stirrers / cups over and over again.

If there is anything left in a pot when I have finished pouring a piece, I tip as much as I can onto a silicone doming mat. When the excess resin has cured on the mat, I break the pieces up and add to other jewellery projects.


These pieces remind me of honeycomb with their hexagonal structure.

I have a whole section of Zero waste jewellery on this website dedicated to all of the pieces made using the resin "left overs".

then the packaging!

I try and use as little plastic as possible in my packaging. I have stopped using cellophane bags to wrap my jewellery. All of my pieces are supplied on a kraft paper backing or with kraft or paper labels.

I package my items to post in paper envelopes or cardboard boxes. I also re-use a lot of packaging materials from my supplier deliveries. It's not unusual to find cut up Amazon boxes to keep your things safe during transit. It's just my way of ensuring everything that my business produces is used over and over again, before ending up in landfil.

I ask you to do the same - re-use any packaging you get - paper airplanes, origami, just use it again.

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