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Memorial pieces Using flowers, hair, ashes, fur or breastmilk

Are you looking to get a memorial pieces or jewellery or decoration made using a special inclusion such as ashes, hair, fur, flowers or breastmilk? I offer an affordable service for memorial jewellery and other memorial pieces in the South Wales area.

I have lots of experience working with inclusions in resin. I will work with my customers sensitively and lovingly to create really wonderful pieces using inclusions. I offer a collection and drop off service for your inclusions, so you won't have to post these special pieces. I will source the best quality findings in silver plated, sterling silver or gold to make the most beautiful pieces. If you are interested in ashes and memorial jewellery, please get in touch.

Memorial Pieces - Ashes Inclusion Cufflinks

I was contacted by Joanne who wanted a special piece of jewellery for her husband. Inside were the ashes of his late mother and as he wears shirts every day, she wanted a pair of cufflinks made with an ashes inclusion. I worked with Joanne to source gold plated cufflinks and inside the cufflinks the ashes are set inside a marbled white acrylic resin.

Memorial Pieces - Ashes Necklace

I also worked with Joanne (as above) to create a necklace for he sister in law. This necklace had to be gold - which proved cost effective as we sourced a gold plated pendant and finished it with a solid gold snake chain.

Inside this necklace are the ashes of her late mother set in yellow coloured resin to reflect her mother's birth stone.

Memorial Pieces - Ashes Inclusion Pandora Bead

After the passing of her family dog, Jennah got in touch with me to make a special pandora bead with an ashes inclusion. 

We talked about her dog and decided that as the dog was ginger and white, I would incorporate those colours into the bead.

I finished these beads off with a .925 stamped silver set of cores. These beautiful ashes pandora beads are now a lovely addition to Jennah's Pandora bracelet.

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