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Pet Ashes Memorial Pieces

I was asked by a customer to create some memorial ashes pieces with their beloved pet's ashes. They requested a pandora bead and something that their son could keep. They initially wanted another ashes Pandora bead to put on a keyring but I suggested a slightly different style of keyring.

The requested colours were orange and white, as those were the colours of the pet. The styling of the memorial pieces was left up to me. I love that my customers trust me with these pieces.


Pet Ashes Pandora bead

For this piece I started with Resin8 Coat it resin and mixed a small amount with some of the ashes. I placed these into a bead mould, filling it about halfway. Next I added opaque white and opaque orange coloured resin on top. I didn't wait for the ashes to set before adding the colour because they are dense, so the colour wouldn't run into them. Once the mould was full I left it cure for 2 days before de-moulding. I finished the memorial bead with a light sand and polish and then added .925 sterling silver Pandora findings to finish.


Pet ashes Inset Heart Keyring

For this piece I poured equal amounts of orange and white opaque resin into an oval pendant mould with a little of clear resin in the centre. The clear resin pulls the colours towards it and creates a beautiful organic mix of colours. I half filled this mould leaving room for the next layer. once the first layer had set, I poured in a layer of clear resin and gently added the pet ashes into it. Using a cocktail stick I shaped the ashes into a heart. Once set, I finished with another thin layer of clear resin. Again, sanding and polishing to finish and adding a silver keyring finding.


Pet Ashes Paw print Inset keyring

This keyring was for the customer's son who was struggling with the loss of their family pet. I wanted to make something sturdy but tactile. First I mixed the pet ashes into clear resin and poured this into a paw print mould. At the same time I layered orange, white and clear resin into a square pendant mould. I did this pattern as the family dog had a distinctive ginger stripe on its head that I wanted to replicate in the colours I used. Once these were set, I de-moulded the ashes paw prints and set them into the coloured resin square with a little clear resin.

I didn't want to completely cover the paw prints as the intention was to keep them slightly raised so the owner can touch the ashes paws. This was finished with a light sand and polish and a silver keyring finding added.


I really love working with ashes and making memorial pieces like these. I am always honoured when I am asked to make such special pieces.

If you'd like to commission a memorial piece, please get in touch.

I am based in Newport, South Wales, but can offer these pieces to anywhere in the UK.

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