3d Printed Daschund Skull in a Glass Jar

This tiny anatomically correct 3 dimensional Daschund Skull has been printed using photopolymer resin and a 3D printer. The light cures the resin in tiny layers, building up the shape over time. Each Daschund Skull takes around 50 minutes to print.  This Daschund Skull is printed in off white resin.


The Daschund Skull is mounted on aluminium wire and placed inside a tiny display jar and sealed with a cork. Please rest assured that this is totally crueltly free specimen!


One Daschund Skull in a jar supplied.

The jars measure 4.4cm tall and 2.5cm wide


These are intended for use as display items only and not as toys.


3d Printed Daschund Skull in a Glass Jar