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In the third installment of the famous film franchise about disastrous dinosaur theme parks, an apprentice uses a 3d printer to create a velociraptor's vocal chords resonating chamber. Sadly, it was a lie and the resonating chamber would NEVER have made the sound of a Velociraptor... Because we have no idea what one would have really sounded like.

But, if you'd like your very own Velociraptor resonating chamber on a necklace this is the item for you.

Measuring 5cm long this replica is printed on a 3d printer but unlike the film, it's made using a resin 3d printer and photopolymer resin. The details are exquisite but sadly it does not make a Velociraptor sound.

Please do not try to use this to summon / scare Velociraptors as it won't work.

It just looks cool.

It comes hung on a black waxed cord necklace.

3d Printed Velociraptor Vocal Chord Necklace

  • Made with white photopolymer resin and a 3d resin printer

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