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This creepy little thing has been 3d printed out of photopolymer resin and then painted using a high quality spray paint.

This thing comes hung on a black waxed cotton cord necklace with an extender chain.

Approximate dimensions

Height 3.5cm x width 3cm x depth 3cm

Unpainted items will come as they are printed, in a solid gray. You can also chose the hand without the waxed cord necklace.

Comes in three different colours to choose from

A little thing pendant necklace

  • This item is intended for decorative use only. It is not suitable for children. It must not be placed in the mouth or used with food. It is made from a photopolymer resin which is stable when cured but any damage / heat / liquid may change this composition.

  • This thing was modelled by the wonderfully talented Geoff from Hex3d patreon. As a subscriber, I have the right to duplicate, modify and sell printed versions of this model. I will never sell the model file.

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