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These unusual earrings have been printed on a 3d printer using a plant based polymer called PLA. This particular polymer has wood fibres in it so the printed piece looks and feels like wood.


The shape is that of the Oxytocin molecule, a hormone that is also called the "love hormone". It is released by the body before, during and after childbirth and is also released bonding with and feeding a baby. It is also released by the body during sexual contact and physical affection. This hormone is an important release by the body for bonding, reproduction, childbirth and affection.


If you're looking for an unusual gift for someone, these earrings would be perfect

The earrings come on silver plated ear hooks.

Oxytocin Molecule 3d Printed Earrings

  • Wood fibre plant based poylmer called PLA. Silver plated chain with clasp.

  • This necklace comes packaged plastic free in a brown craft paper pillow box, which has been hand stamped with the word OXYTOCIN. The packaging will also include a short decription of the hormone, making it a thoughtful and also educational gift.

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