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This pentagram or pentacle 3d printed pendant was designed and printed by myself. It is printed using pale wood fibre PLA filament. This particular PLA filament has real wood fibres added, so it has the appearance, feel and even smell of wood!


The pentacle is one of the best known Wicca symbol in modern times. It is a five pointed star (pentagram) contained within a circle and each star point represents the four classic elements - with the addition of a fifth, either spirit or self. It is traced in the air during Wiccan rituals and can also be used for designation of degrees, a symbol of protection or a ward.


The pendant takes around 60 minutes to print on my 3d printer.


The pendant is supplied on a black waxed cotton cord necklace with a silver plated extension chain and lobster clasp.


It will be supplied on a kraft card necklace card.

Pentagram / Pentacle 3d Printed Wood PLA Pendant

  • PLA filament is PLA plastic or polylactic acid is a vegetable-based plastic material, which commonly uses cornstarch as a raw material. This material is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester and it is the primary natural raw material used in 3D printing. PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials.

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